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Falcon History and Background

Falcon Rural Housing was founded in 1985 as West Somerset Rural Housing Association to provide affordable housing for local people in housing need. It is managed by a Board of volunteers from the area with administrative support from a small team of professional staff based in the Organisation’s offices in Wellington.

The Organisation is registered as a 'friendly society' having charitable status and is a member of the National Housing Federation. It is also registered with the Housing Corporation that provides much of the grant funding for developments.

Falcon Rural Housing is committed to the provision of good quality housing at rents within the reach of those on modest incomes.

The Association has already developed a total of 240 homes in over 30 villages in Somerset and Devon, and our projects have involved the renovation of old buildings as well as new build. Recently we have completed the conservation and conversion of an 11th Century former leper hospital, some barn conversions in a conservation village and some of the most energy efficient homes in the region.

None of the properties owned by Falcon Rural Housing is available for tenants to purchase, thereby keeping the homes available for rent to local people permanently. However, we have launched a form of low cost home ownership to complement our rented housing stock.

Further projects are under negotiation.

The Organisation continues its work in Taunton Deane, West Somerset, Sedgemoor, Mid Devon and Exmoor, and has been invited to start work in North Devon.


  • The Association will provide and manage properties on a non profit making basis throughout West Somerset, Taunton Deane, Sedgemoor, North Devon, Mid Devon and other areas for those in the greatest housing need and least able, through limited income, age or disability, to obtain suitable accommodation.
  • The Association will consider all options using existing buildings and resources before building new homes.
  • Where new homes are to be built these will normally be on 'exception' sites.
  • When allocating tenancies priority will be given to local people (or those with strong local connections) who have a housing need.
  • We will always work closely with local people through appropriate organisations to take advantage of local knowledge and contacts. Without this approach and the support of the local community a scheme would not proceed, as it is important that any homes eventually provided are welcomed by villagers and provide homes for local housing need. This will also promote the importance of social inclusion in rural areas.

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