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All the staff at Falcon were very sad to hear of the recent death of Mrs Jean Gilbert of Withypool. Jean had been a Tenant of Falcon Housing for 20 years and had also served as a Member on the Board of Trustees for over 12 years. Jean will be remembered for her enthusiasm, commitment, and mischievously witty sense of humour. She had a genuine love of people and was a dedicated supporter of many local charities and groups in which she was actively involved. We would like to express our sincere sympathy to Jean’s family, she will be truly missed.

It is estimated that of those living in affordable housing, only 50% insure their home contents.
The National Housing Federation who represents Housing Associations and their tenants are committed to enable tenants on a lower income to protect their valuable possessions in a way that best fits in with their lifestyle and individual circumstances. As part of this commitment the NFA are now able to offer you, in conjunction with Jardine Lloyd Thompson Tenant Risks, an affordable home contents insurance scheme.
Tenants can now benefit from:-
• Instant cover available over the telephone.
• Affordable premiums.
• Cash payments available in addition to traditional payment methods.
• No minimum security requirements for the property.
• Tenants do not pay the first part of any claim.
• Low sums insured available.
• Excellent claims service.
• One of the widest standard policy covers available to tenants today.
• No excess for claims.
An application from and Policy Summary will be sent to everyone when we send out the next quarterly rent statements in December. Should you wish further information on the scheme now, call 0845 337 2463 or email Myhome@jltgroup.com.

Energy saving products is a real must for those of you who choose to go green. These energy and power saving devices can also help you to save money and to do your bit for the environment.
Many of our utility companies have free offers and advice. If you are on a water meter why not visit your provider’s website to see what is of offer merely click on the relevant t link Wessex Water or South West Water
Npower and British Gas are offering electricity monitors which are devices designed to easily fit into your home and monitor your electricity consumption at a glance. This does not replace your existing meter in any way but is an additional tool to help you watch over how much electricity you are using at any one given time so you can see your consumption figures. It’s easily installed in your home and you can mount it on the wall or have it standing somewhere where you can see and read the data. Contact your electricity provider for further details.
There are many other ECO products and to view these you may wish to visit web sites such as MyEcoStore. Falcon Housing cannot recommend any of these products and take no responsibility for their quality or efficiency.

The PM states there will be more prosecutions over benefit fraud. He says the Government is to publish an "uncompromising strategy" to reduce the £5.2bn annual cost of fraud and error. Mr Cameron says there will be tougher penalties and more prosecutions.
Credit ratings firm Experian is in talks over a deal with the Government which could see it paid according to the number of fraudsters uncovered. The Department of Work and Pensions are also examining claims for other benefits. The Prime Minister said tougher penalties, more prosecutions; measures to encourage others to shop cheats and greater efforts to recover "stolen" payments would also be included. This initiative will affect many claimants as much of the £5.2bn is through error. It is anticipated claims will be rigorously examined and guidelines enforced, so if you are a claimant of benefits ensure you supply the relevant agencies with any up to date changes and if you are asked to supply any information return this as quickly as possible, delay can have serious consequences if your benefit is reduced following assessment.

The new Government is proposing to improve the incentives for those on benefit who want to return to work. They aim to simplify the benefits system with a universal credit that supports people both in and out of work. At present 4.7 million households claim housing benefit, of which 24% are of working age and out of work and 50% are in employment. It is estimated that half of employed households who would be eligible for housing benefit do not claim. What is clear is that this Government will be looking to make savings and all benefits are being reviewed.
This review will also be linked with getting people back to work. There are benefits specifically designed to help those returning to work such as the extended payment of Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit, this payment provides help for up to four weeks when you start a new job. Also ‘into work’ claims are prioritised and resolved within weeks. Working parents may also get help with childcare costs, and single parents may get ‘In Work Credit’. If you want more information on benefits visit www.direct.gov.uk/benefitadviser or for work opportunities visit http://jobseekers.direct.gov.uk/. The future prospects for those on benefits appear uncertain, and if you are planning a return to work we suggest you conduct your research thoroughly to ensure you obtain every benefit you are entitled to.


As from 1st August 2010, Allpay will accept text payments from your phone. This gives you even more flexibility in the way you pay your weekly rent.
With over 75% of the UK adult population now owning a mobile phone Falcon Housing accepts that our tenants are increasingly familiar with this form of communication as over 5000 text messages are sent every second in the UK. For many of our customers this will prove very convenient
How it works…
To begin texting payments you will simply need a UK-registered mobile phone, a valid Allpay Card and a current debit card. After a very brief registration online at https://www.allpayments.net/textpay, you can pay weekly rent anytime, anyplace, anywhere – quite literally! Once registered you simply text a code and the amount you wish to pay to a designated number every time you want to make a payment.
This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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