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Mutual Exchange

You have the right to swap your home with another tenant, mutual exchanges are the easiest ways of moving home.

The mutual exchange register for both the local areas and nationwide, can be found at your local Council Offices. This will list all of the people interested in exchanging their home with tenants in your area. It also gives details of their homes and a contact number. By looking at this list you may find someone with whom you wish to exchange.

Once you have found someone to exchange with, you and your exchange partner must both contact your respective landlords and request permission to exchange. Falcon Rural Housing will send you and the exchange tenant a form to enable you to apply to do this.

Permission to exchange can only be refused for certain reasons, for example, if the exchange would lead to serious overcrowding or under-occupation of either property or if you or the proposed exchange partner have rent arrears outstanding.

The Association must also, in some cases, insist that the person with whom you wish to exchange fulfil its general lettings local connection criteria. If you are in any doubt about this, please telephone the office and we can advise you.

You must wait for written permission from this Association before you move. This permission can take a few weeks from your first application, as an inspection of your home will have to be made. Most importantly, both you and your exchange partner must be satisfied with the property into which you are exchanging. This is due to the fact that you take the property as seen, and if there is any damage that has been caused by the previous tenant, for example a missing or broken door, you will be liable for putting it right.

Once you have written permission and you are happy to accept the other house, your tenancies will be 'assigned' (legally swapped) with each other by a Deed of Assignment.

Please download a Mutual Exchange Form below for completion or visit www.homeswapper.co.uk

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