Paying Your Rent

The Association provides you with a choice of ways in which you can pay your rent :

  • Through the BANK / STANDING ORDER – if you wish to pay your rent directly through your bank account, please request a Bank Standing Order Form from the Association.
  • With an ALLPAY CARD - Payments of cash or cheque can be made through any Post Office using an Allpay swipe card. Cash payments can also be made through any PayZone or E-Pay outlet (found in many convenience stores, petrol stations and newsagents).
  • Through the ALLPAY WEBSITE - - Click on 'Swipe Card Payments' and then choose the option 'More About Internet Payments', then follow the instructions. Further information on the Allpay System can also be found on thieir site.
  • Through the ALLPAY TELEPHONE SYSTEM – Dial 0844 557 8321 and follow the instructions.
  • By CHEQUE - these can be sent directly to this office made payable to 'Falcon Rural Housing'.
  • By CASH – payments in cash can be made in person by visiting our Wellington office. Do not send cash through the post.

Please note, when paying your rent other than by cash or cheque, we can only take payments by Debit Card and not Credit Card.

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