Repairs and Maintenance

Association's Responsibility

The Association will maintain :

  • The structure and exterior of your home, for example, walls, windows and doors, blocked drains, gutters and external pipes, tiles blown off and roof leaks.
  • The gas supply – for all gas leaks, turn off the mains supply immediately, open windows, ensure all naked flames are extinguished, then contact the emergency gas telephone number on 0800 111 999. The call should not be made from inside the property as telephones can cause sparks. If possible make the call from your nearest public telephone or a mobile phone (again from outside the property).
  • Plumbing and electrical systems – in case of emergency turn off the mains supply immediately a problem occurs, then report the fault to the Association. ELECTRICITY AND WATER COMBINED IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.
  • Baths, basins, toilets and pipes – for example, burst pipes, leaks, faulty taps (not washers), flushing systems and blocked waste pipes or toilets (but only when the drain is blocked after the U bend). If the Association attends a blocked sink or toilet and the blockage is found to be as a result of something being put down the system by a member of your household or a visitor, you may be recharged for the cost of the call-out.
  • Heating and the hot water supply equipment – for example, loss of your water supply, loss of heating and/or hot water.
  • The security of your home – for example, broken or faulty external locks on doors and windows, window catches and door hinges. Where a break-in has occurred at your home and it needs to be made secure ie. A broken window that is usually the responsibility of the tenant, a police incident number must be obtained and given to the Association before we will attend.


  • Banisters, hand rails and stair treads.
  • Kitchen cupboards and work surfaces – this only applies to cases of fair wear and tear or after a flood/fire where base units may be damaged.
  • Fences, gates, locks and catches – this will only apply if the aforementioned have been erected by the Association. You are liable for any fences etc. that you have erected yourself.
  • Communal areas – for example, the lighting, heating, alarm systems and cleaning of communal areas in flats.
  • Pathways, steps, hard standings – this only applies to those that were in place when the tenancy commenced.
  • The annual servicing of gas or oil fired boilers and heating appliances.
  • Cyclical repairs – for example, external decorations are usually carried out every 4 years or so. This can vary due to weather conditions, individual sites and the need for the decorations to take place.

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