Repairs and Maintenance

Tenant's Responsibility

The following repairs are not the responsibility of the Association and you are expected to carry out these yourself :

  • All internal decorations and generally maintaining your home and garden in a clean and tidy condition.
  • Burst pipes (if caused by your negligence).
  • Adjusting doors for carpets.
  • Sink/bath chains and plugs.
  • Cookers, refrigerators or any household appliance that was not supplied by the Association.
  • Light bulbs and fluorescent tubes (including special effects light bulbs).
  • Fuses.
  • Replacement batteries in appliances such as gas fires and smoke detectors.
  • Fences, gates, sheds and any other item erected by yourself.
  • Blocked sinks or W.C.'s (if the blockage is before or in the U bend).
  • Replacing broken glass in windows and doors.
  • Door bells (if not connected to mains electric or not installed by the Association).
  • Curtain battens, hat/coat hooks and rails.
  • All alterations to your home that you have carried out at your own expense.
  • Any fault arising from any appliance which was provided by you.
  • Damage caused regaining entry to your home by yourself or any other person (unless it is a break in and you have a Police Incident Number).
  • Replacement of any lost or broken keys

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